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BOS Dev Tools

Building, deploying, and collaborating within a new framework can be challenging. The NEAR community has created helpful workflows using new tools to simplify your development workflow building on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

Local Tools

The quickest way to start building on the BOS is by using the in-browser editor. If you want to collaborate with a team on a larger project, you will likely want more version control, automated testing, deployment, and other workflows you're used to. We've compiled a list below to supercharge your local project development:

  • BOS CLI: a command line utility that simplifies local component development for NEAR BOS.
  • BOS Loader: a CLI tool to preview local components in NEAR BOS. A perfect companion to BOS CLI.
  • VS Code Extension: an extension to help you develop components using VS Code
  • a web IDE made for BOS developers