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The Components you create are stored in the NEAR blockchain. To read and execute their code you will need a Gateway.

A Gateway is nothing but a Next.js application with the added ability of retrieving components from the blockchain and rendering their code.

This allow you to create the frontend of your application combining classic Next components with Web3 components that interact with your desired blockchain.

Building a Gateway

Building your own Gateway is as simple as cloning the example repository, and running it:

# Clone gateway
git clone

# Install dependencies
cd bos-gateway
npm install

# Run the gateway
npm run dev
Configure the Gateway

Make sure to change the src/data/bos-components.ts file

Deploying Gateway in Vercel

Launching your own NEAR BOS gateway instance is a quick and simple process. In this example we'll be using Vercel to build and deploy a new BOS gateway, but you can also use other platforms.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Clone the near/bos-gateway repository
  2. Sign up on Vercel and import the cloned repository
  3. Setup the project:
    • Any team name
    • Build command: npm run build
    • Output directory: dist
  4. Press Deploy

Click on this link to try it out.

vercel setup

Now just wait a few minutes for Vercel to build the website and enjoy your BOS gateway!

  • If you want to host the gateway on a specific domain you can configure it on Vercel.

  • If you want to change the home page component, modify src/data/widgets.js in your fork to point at different components.