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Contributor Overview

Welcome! If you are in this repository, you are probably interested in contributing to NEAR's development.

We have tons of open issues across repositories and regularly post bounties.

To learn more about the contribution flow for developers, please head over to the Developer Contributions walkthrough.

Contributor Program

If you like contributing to NEAR and would like to get formally involved with continuous contributions, the contributor program is the right place for you.

As part of the NEAR contributor program

  • You are the first to hear about new bounties
  • You are invited to our bi-weekly engineering calls with contributors
  • You receive exclusive support and feedback and you have the option to earn tokens for your contributions.

Example Contributions


If you are interested in testing our documentation, guides and developer tools, head over to the following pages. We would love to jump on a call and get to know your insights, or you can submit directly issues in the respective repositories on GitHub. For more information on where and how to file issues, please head over to our developer contribution section.


  • We are always looking for more example applications. If you are interested in building a dApp, we would love to help you along the way and see the final result.
  • Create a walk-through example of how to use the NEAR-explorer or highlight different aspects of the NEAR CLI. An example walkthrough of the wallet can be found here. Please submit your example to the docs repository.

You can always ask questions on either of our developer channels

Checkout our GitHub repositories.

We are always looking for a second paid of hands to type bug fixes and add functionality. To learn more about contributions, please visit the contribution overview section!

Got a question?

Ask it on StackOverflow!