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Miscellaneous video concept

This page contains videos that explore miscellaneous concepts of smart contract development on NEAR.

Cross-contract calls in Rust

StackOverflow question on NEAR Collections, and dealing with large numbers

Here we address this question on StackOverflow and specifically, we'll talk about why you'll likely want to use NEAR Collections instead of HashMap when using Rust. See a list of the available collections here. In this video we discuss:

  • U128 and the difference between the (lowercase) u128
  • why JSON cannot handle very large numbers
  • how to interact with a Rust smart contract using NEAR CLI
  • demonstrate logging, view and call methods, and unit tests
  • benefits of creating subaccounts

We will also walk through the process of writing, building, and deploying a Rust smart contract and then we'll discover why NEAR subaccounts are useful when you may need to make breaking changes to state.

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