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Using a Ledger device w/ NEAR

A Ledger device is a physical wallet, or hardware wallet, that stores your private keys used to sign transactions. This device offers an extra layer of security as its an isolated device from your computer or smartphone. The NEAR App on Ledger allows you to manage your NEAR accounts and NEAR tokens that have Ledger security enabled.

Currently, you can only set up your Ledger device using Mozilla Firefox. Support for other browsers will be coming soon. :::


Ledger Setup

  1. Download Ledger Live
  2. Update the firmware
  3. Initialize

NEAR Ledger App Installation

  1. Open your Ledger Live app.
  2. Click on Settings > Experimental features > and turn on Developer mode

Ledger Developer mode

  1. In the left hand column select Manager > search for NEAR > click on Install

Ledger Developer mode

Account Creation w/ Ledger

This two minute video walkthrough will guide you on the account creation process and viewing account information using a Ledger device.

Sending Tokens w/ Ledger

This two minute video walkthrough will guide you through sending tokens using a Ledger device & NEAR Wallet.

Have questions or need help? Visit the #wallet-support channel on our Discord.