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Receipt Structure


Receipt is an internal transaction in NEAR Protocol.


pub struct ReceiptView {
pub predecessor_id: AccountId,
pub receiver_id: AccountId,
pub receipt_id: CryptoHash,

pub receipt: ReceiptEnumView,


pub enum ReceiptEnumView {
Action {
signer_id: AccountId,
signer_public_key: PublicKey,
#[serde(with = "u128_dec_format")]
gas_price: Balance,
output_data_receivers: Vec<DataReceiverView>,
input_data_ids: Vec<CryptoHash>,
actions: Vec<ActionView>,
Data {
data_id: CryptoHash,
#[serde(with = "option_base64_format")]
data: Option<Vec<u8>>,


ActionReceipts hold info about what actions to perform. In the cross-contract calls some actions might happen only when specific data is available, such data is in the DataReceipts.


DataReceipts hold the data that is produced by Promise during the cross-contract calls.

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