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Pre-deployed Contract

Learn how to easily create your own non-fungible tokens without doing any software development by using a readily-available NFT smart contract.


The JS-SDK is currently in Alpha.


To complete this tutorial successfully, you'll need:

Using the NFT contractโ€‹


  • Log in to your newly created account with near-cli by running the following command in your terminal:
near login
  • Set an environment variable for your account ID to make it easy to copy and paste commands from this tutorial:

Be sure to replace YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME with the account name you just logged in with including the .testnet (or .near for mainnet).

  • Test that the environment variable is set correctly by running:
echo $NEARID

Minting your NFTsโ€‹

NEAR has deployed an NFT contract to the account nft.examples.testnet which allows users to freely mint tokens. Using this pre-deployed contract, let's mint our first token!

  • Run this command in your terminal, however you must replace the token_id value with an UNIQUE string.
near call nft.examples.testnet nft_mint '{"token_id": "TYPE_A_UNIQUE_VALUE_HERE", "receiver_id": "'$NEARID'", "metadata": { "title": "GO TEAM", "description": "The Team Goes", "media": "", "copies": 1}}' --accountId $NEARID --deposit 0.1

You can also replace the media URL with a link to any image file hosted on your web server.

Example response:

Log [nft.examples.testnet]: EVENT_JSON:{"standard":"nep171","version":"nft-1.0.0","event":"nft_mint","data":[{"owner_id":"benjiman.testnet","token_ids":["TYPE_A_UNIQUE_VALUE_HERE"]}]}
Transaction Id 8RFWrQvAsm2grEsd1UTASKpfvHKrjtBdEyXu7WqGBPUr
To see the transaction in the transaction explorer, please open this url in your browser

  • To view tokens owned by an account you can call the NFT contract with the following near-cli command:
near view nft.examples.testnet nft_tokens_for_owner '{"account_id": "'$NEARID'"}'
Example response:

"token_id": "0",
"owner_id": "dev-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx",
"metadata": {
"title": "Some Art",
"description": "My NFT media",
"media": "",
"media_hash": null,
"copies": 1,
"issued_at": null,
"expires_at": null,
"starts_at": null,
"updated_at": null,
"extra": null,
"reference": null,
"reference_hash": null
"approved_account_ids": {}

Congratulations! You just minted your first NFT token on the NEAR blockchain! ๐ŸŽ‰

๐Ÿ‘‰ Now try going to your NEAR Wallet and view your NFT in the "Collectibles" tab. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Final remarksโ€‹

This basic example illustrates all the required steps to call an NFT smart contract on NEAR and start minting your own non-fungible tokens.

Now that you're familiar with the process, you can jump to Contract Architecture and learn more about the smart contract structure and how you can build your own NFT contract from the ground up.

Happy minting! ๐Ÿช™

Versioning for this article

At the time of this writing, this example works with the following versions:

  • near-cli: 3.0.0
  • NFT standard: NEP171, version 1.0.0