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Creating Accounts

The simplest way to create NEAR accounts is through the NEAR Wallet, however, you can also create accounts using local tools.

The NEAR Wallet

The NEAR wallet is our web-based user-friendly wallet. You can readily use it without installing any software or add-ons (e.g browser extensions) on your devices.


In testnet you can directly create named accounts such as your-name.near. Simply go to the wallet, pick a name of your choice, and you are ready to go. Remember to save your mnemonic phrase somewhere safe.


In the mainnet wallet you will be first given an implicit account, which you need to fund. After that, you can use your implicit account to create a named one.

Local Implicit Account

We can create a implicit account with ED25519 key-pair locally using near cli

near generate-key --saveImplicit

Example Output

Generated key pair with ed25519:BGCCDDHfysuuVnaNVtEhhqeT4k9Muyem3Kpgq2U1m9HX public key
Seed phrase: lumber habit sausage used zebra brain border exist meat muscle river hidden
Key pair: {"publicKey":"ed25519:AQgnQSR1Mp3v7xrw7egJtu3ibNzoCGwUwnEehypip9od","secretKey":"ed25519:51qTiqybe8ycXwPznA8hz7GJJQ5hyZ45wh2rm5MBBjgZ5XqFjbjta1m41pq9zbRZfWGUGWYJqH4yVhSWoW6pYFkT"}
Implicit account: 8bca86065be487de45e795b2c3154fe834d53ffa07e0a44f29e76a2a5f075df8
Storing credentials for account: 8bca86065be487de45e795b2c3154fe834d53ffa07e0a44f29e76a2a5f075df8 (network: testnet)
Saving key to '~/.near-credentials/testnet/8bca86065be487de45e795b2c3154fe834d53ffa07e0a44f29e76a2a5f075df8.json'

A new implicit account credentials will be stored at ~/.near-credentials/testnet/8bca86065be487de45e795b2c3154fe834d53ffa07e0a44f29e76a2a5f075df8.json.

You can share this id with anyone to receive Near tokens. At least 0.001Ⓝ is needed to start using the account.

Local Named Account

In order to create a named account you have to ask the relevant smart contract to create a sub-account for you: near in mainnet, and testnet in testnet.

You can use near-cli for this:

near call testnet create_account '{"new_account_id": "<account-name>.testnet", "new_public_key": "ed25519:<data>"}' --deposit 0.00182 --accountId <account-with-funds>

Notice that you need an already funded account, because you are making a contract call.


The public key that you pass will become the Full Access key of the account.


For sub-accounts check the near-cli create-account docs.