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Exchange Integration

Integration Reference​

Blocks and Finality​

Some important pieces of information regarding blocks and finality include:

  • Expected block time is around 1s and expected time to finality is around 2s. The last final block can be queried by specifying {"finality": "final"} in the block query. For example, to get the latest final block on mainnet, one can run
http post method=block params:='{"finality":"final"}' id=123 jsonrpc=2.0
  • Block height are not necessarily continuous and certain heights may be skipped if, for example, a block producer for that height is offline. For example, after a block at height 100 is produced, the block at height 101 may be skipped. When block at height 102 is produced, its previous block is the block at height 100.

  • Some blocks may not include new chunks if, for example, the previous chunk producer is offline. Even though in the RPC return result every block will have non-empty chunks field, it does not imply that there is a new chunk included in the block. The way to tell whether the chunk is included in the block is to check whether height_included in the chunk is the same as the height of the block.

Running an Archival Node​

Please refer to configuration changes required in config.json for archival node by referring to the documentation on Run an Archival Node.

Staking and Delegation​

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