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NFT Zero to Hero

In this Zero to Hero series, you'll find a set of tutorials that will cover every aspect of a non-fungible token (NFT) smart contract. You'll start by minting an NFT using a pre-deployed contract and by the end you'll end up building a fully-fledged NFT smart contract that supports every extension.


To complete these tutorials successfully, you'll need:

New to Rust?

If you are new to Rust and want to dive into smart contract development, our Quick-start guide is a great place to start


These are the steps that will bring you from Zero to Hero in no time! 💪

1Pre-deployed contractMint an NFT without the need to code, create, or deploy a smart contract.
2Contract architectureLearn the basic architecture of the NFT smart contract and compile code.
3MintingFlesh out the skeleton so the smart contract can mint a non-fungible token.
4Upgrade a contractDiscover the process to upgrade an existing smart contract.
5EnumerationExplore enumeration methods that can be used to return the smart contract's states.
6CoreExtend the NFT contract using the core standard which allows token transfer.
7ApprovalsExpand the contract allowing other accounts to transfer NFTs on your behalf.
8RoyaltyAdd NFT royalties allowing for a set percentage to be paid out to the token creator.
9MarketplaceLearn about how common marketplaces operate on NEAR and dive into some of the code that allows buying and selling NFTs.

Next steps​

Ready to start? Jump to the Pre-deployed Contract tutorial and begin your learning journey!

If you already know about non-fungible tokens and smart contracts, feel free to skip and jump directly to the tutorial of your interest. The tutorials have been designed so you can start at any given point!

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