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What are Web3 Apps?

Web3 Applications - also known as decentralized apps (dApps) - leverage smart contracts and blockchain data to offer transparency, security and giving back control to users over their assets and data.


NEAR simplifies building Web3 apps for the general public, making it easy to interact with different blockchains, while helping to onboard users that are not familiarized with crypto.

Why Integrating NEAR to your App?

Any application can benefit from integrating NEAR, including games, financial services, social platforms, and more.

  • Easy Onboarding: Users can create accounts using familiar methods such as email login. Furthermore, applications can cover all transactional costs for their users, so they never have to worry about handling crypto.

  • Ownership: Users have true ownership of digital assets within their accounts. Fungible Tokens can be used as reward systems, Non-Fungible Tokens can denote holdings, and wallets can represent digital identities.

  • Fast, Cheap and Scalable: Near’s efficient consensus mechanism and fee model make transactions cost effective for both users and developers.

  • Security & Transparency: All transactions and data on the blockchain is transparent and auditable, thus ensuring trust in the application’s behavior.

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