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Quick Start Guide​

The near-cli-rs tool is a human-friendly companion that helps you interact with the NEAR Protocol from the command line. This has a guided prompt interface to help you make your own commands built in Rust.


This is a separate tool from near-cli, a CLI tool of similar functionality without the guided prompts.


Download the pre-compiled version of near-cli-rs for your OS from GitHub Releases Page or install it with Cargo (Rust's package manager tool) with the following command:

$ cargo install near-cli-rs

Getting Started​

To utilize the commands that involve transactions, sending tokens, deploying contracts, etc., you'll have to store a full access key to a given account on your machine.



Using the arrow keys navigate to...

account  -Manage accounts

Navigate to...

import-account -Import existing account (a.k.a. "sign-in")

choose any of the preferred sign-in methods. For this example, we'll choose the...

using-web-wallet -Import existing account using NEAR Wallet (a.k.a. "sign in")
### Account
- Gives you information on a specified account, near balance, storage, list of access keys, etc.

For this tutorial select testnet

What is the name of the network?

You'll get redirected to Once there, grant authorization. Then in your terminal, you'll be asked to enter your account ID. Give it the name of the account you just authorized access to and a full access key.

If you're on Mac you'll have the option to use the Mac Keychain option.

Either storage option is fine. Using the legacy storage option will save a file in your root directory in a hidden folder called ./near-credentials. This storage option is compatable with the near-cli tool (a cli tool without the guided prompts but similar functionality).

Good Job! Now you can use near-cli-rs to it's full capacity.


To use the near-cli-rs simply run the following in your terminal.

$ near

You should then see the following. Use the arrow keys and hit enter or simply type out one of the available options to select an option


This option will allow you to manage, control, and retrieve information on your accounts.

view-account-summaryView properties for an account
import-accountImport existing account (a.k.a. "sign in")
create-accountCreate a new account
delete-accountDelete an Account
list-keysView a list of keys for an account
add-keyAdd an access key to an account
delete-keyDelete an access key from an account


This will allow you to manage your token assets such as NEAR, FTs and NFTs

send-nearTransfers NEAR to a specified recipient in units of NEAR or yoctoNEAR
send-ftTransfer Fungible Tokens to a specified user
send-nftTransfers NFTs between accounts
view-near-balanceView the balance of NEAR tokens
view-ft-balanceView the balance of Fungible Tokens
view-nft-assetsView the balance of NFT Tokens


This option allows you to manage and interact with your smart contracts

call-functionExecute Function
deployAdd a new contract code
download-wasmDownload Wasm


Operate Transactions

view-statusView a transaction status
construct-tansactionConstruct a new transaction


Manage the connection parameters inside the config.toml file for near-cli-rs

This will allow you to change or modify the network connections for your CLI.

show-connectionsShow a list of network connections
add-connectionAdd a network connection
delete-connectionDelete a network Connection

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