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What is Data Infrastructure?

NEAR offers ready-to-use solutions to access and monitor on-chain data easily. This is very useful to automate actions based on specific events, cache data to reduce latency, gather usage data of the blockchain, and even study user preferences.


NEAR offers three main solutions to access and monitor on-chain data: BigQuery Public Dataset, QueryAPI, and NEAR Lake. Each of these solutions is designed to fit different needs and use cases, and can be used in combination to create a complete data infrastructure for your application.

BigQuery: Public Dataset

A large dataset with on-chain data publicly available on Google Cloud Platform. Obtain near real-time blockchain data using simple SQL queries. All the data, zero setup.

  • Instant insights: Historic on-chain data queried at scale. No need to run your own infrastructure.
  • Cost-effective: Eliminate the need to store and process bulk NEAR Protocol data. Query as little or as much data as you like.
  • As easy as SQL: No prior experience with blockchain technology is required. Just bring a general knowledge of SQL to unlock insights.

QueryAPI: Indexers Made Simple

A fully managed solution to build indexer functions, extract on-chain data, and easily query it using GraphQL endpoints and subscriptions.

  • Your data, your way: Decide how you want to store data. Design the tables and databases that better suit your needs.
  • Indexers made simple: Create the logic of your indexer and we will execute it for you. Forget about infrastructure—focus on solutions.
  • Plug & play to your app: Fetch your data from any application through our API. Leverage GraphQL to query exactly what you need.


A solution that watches over the NEAR network and stores all the events for your easy access.

  • Cost-efficient solution: Cost-efficient solution for building self-hosted indexers in Rust, JavaScript, Python, Go and other languages
  • Streamlined data management: Use NEAR Lake Framework to stream blocks to your server directly from NEAR Lake
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