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Developer Help & Resources


NEAR is dedicated to providing the best developer experience possible for building an open web. This mission is next to impossible to achieve without feedback and contributions from people like you. 🫵

Get involved! 👉 please select one of the options above or contribute to one of the essential developer repositories listed below 🙏

📝 Docs

docs.near.orgNEAR Developer Documentationnear/docs
nomicon.ioNEAR Protocol Specification Documentationnear/neps
near-nodes.ioNEAR Node Documentation (Validator, RPC, Archival)near/node-docs

⛓️ Protocol

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
nearcoreReference implementation of NEAR Protocolnear/nearcoreLatest Release
NEPsNEAR Protocol Specifications and Standardsnear/neps

🚀 Decentralized Frontend Stack

Create decentralized frontend components by storing it's source code on the blockchain 🤯.

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
near-discoverynear.org Gatewaynear/near-discoveryLatest Release
near.socialnear.social GatewayNearSocial/viewer
near-discovery-componentsCore components / primitives for near.orgnear/near-discovery-components
VMB.O.S. Virtual Machinenearsocial/VMLatest Release
BWEB.O.S. Web Engine (WIP replacement for VM)near/bos-web-engine
B.O.S. DatabaseSmart contract hosting frontend source code & user datanearsocial/social-db

🛠️ Dev Tools

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
create-near-appEasy fullstack dApp deployment toolnear/create-near-appLatest Release
cargo-nearCargo extension for building smart contracts and ABI schemas on NEARnear/cargo-nearLatest Release
BOS VSCode Ext.VSCode extension for building B.O.S. componentsnear/near-vscodeLatest Release
BOS LoaderSimplifying multiple component local developmentnear/bos-loaderLatest Release


NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
near-cliJS based CLI for interacting w/ NEARnear/near-cliLatest Release
near-cli-rsRust based CLI for interacting w/ NEARnear/near-cli-rsLatest Release
BOS CLICLI for simplifying local development on BOSbos-cli-rs/bos-cli-rsLatest Release

🔑 Wallet / Auth

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
wallet-selectorWallet integration tool for NEARnear/wallet-selectorLatest Release
web3-onboardWallet integration tool for multichainblocknative/web3-onboardLatest Release
FastAuth SignerAuthenticate and sign transactions w/ FastAuthnear/fast-auth-signer
mpc-recoveryCreate and restore accounts w/ OIDC protocolnear/mpc-recovery
iDOSDecentralized identity, storage, and verificationidos-network/idos-sdk-js


NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
near-api-jsAPI tool for frontend & backend JS librariesnear/near-api-jsLatest Release

📝 Smart Contracts

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
near-sdk-jsCreate smart contracts w/ JavaScriptnear/near-sdk-jsLatest Release
near-sdk-rsCreate smart contracts w/ Rustnear/near-sdk-rsLatest Release
KeypomCustomizable key creation for NFT/FT dropskeypom/keypomLatest Release

🧪 Testing

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
workspaces-jsTesting sandbox written in JSnear/workspaces-jsLatest Release
workspaces-rsTesting sandbox written in Rustnear/workspaces-rsLatest Release

🔎 Blockchain Data Indexing

NameDescriptionRepoLatest Release
QueryApiBuild custom indexers and query with GraphQL endpointsnear/queryapi
near-lake-indexerBuilt on NEAR Indexer that stores JSON in AWS S3 bucketnear/near-lake-indexerLatest Release
near-lake-framework-rsStream blocks from NEAR Lake into your servernear/near-lake-framework-rsLatest Release
near-lake-framework-jsStream blocks from NEAR Lake into your servernear/near-lake-framework-js
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