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What is NEAR?

NEAR is a user-friendly and carbon-neutral blockchain, built from the ground up to be performant, secure, and infinitely scalable.


In technical terms, NEAR is a layer one, sharded, proof-of-stake blockchain built with usability in mind.

In simpler terms, NEAR is the blockchain for everyone.

Why Choose NEAR?​

NEAR is a technical marvel, offering built-in features such as named accounts and account abstraction. For developers, NEAR offers all the infra-structure needed for their applications, from smart contracts to indexers. All while being interoperable with other chains.

⭐ Simple to Use​

  1. Accounts are easy to remember and share thanks to built-in Named accounts (as alice.near)
  2. Simple sign-up: accounts can be created through email or telegram
  3. Transactions are incredibly fast (~1.3s transactions) and cheap (< 1¢ in fees)
  4. No need to acquire crypto thanks to built-in account abstraction
  5. Enhanced usability and security thanks to a rich Access Keys system
  6. Control accounts on other chains thanks to chain signatures

🛡️ Battle-Tested​

  1. 4 years of 100% uptime with more than 800M transactions processed
  2. NEAR has sustained peaks of >13M transactions in a day
  3. On March 2024, the top three monthly dApps, based on unique active wallets, were built on NEAR:

🧑‍💻 Great Developer Experience​

  1. Developers can build smart contracts using Javascript or Rust
  2. Simple onboarding, thanks to its complete documentation and a multitude of examples
  3. NEAR DevRel holds office hours every weekday, where anybody can participate
  4. 30% of gas fees goes to the developers
  5. EVM compatible with Project Aurora (Deploy your Solidity contracts with ease)

♻️ Environmentally Friendly​

  1. The network is certified carbon-neutral
  2. NEAR consumes in a year the same energy bitcoin consumes in 3 minutes
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