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Chunk Structure


Chunk of a Block is a part of a Block from a Shard. The collection of Chunks of the Block forms the NEAR Protocol Block

Chunk contains all the structures that make the Block:


pub struct ChunkView {
pub author: AccountId,
pub header: ChunkHeaderView,
pub transactions: Vec<IndexerTransactionWithOutcome>,
pub receipts: Vec<ReceiptView>,


pub struct ChunkHeaderView {
pub chunk_hash: CryptoHash,
pub prev_block_hash: CryptoHash,
pub outcome_root: CryptoHash,
pub prev_state_root: StateRoot,
pub encoded_merkle_root: CryptoHash,
pub encoded_length: u64,
pub height_created: BlockHeight,
pub height_included: BlockHeight,
pub shard_id: ShardId,
pub gas_used: Gas,
pub gas_limit: Gas,
/// TODO(2271): deprecated.
#[serde(with = "u128_dec_format")]
pub rent_paid: Balance,
/// TODO(2271): deprecated.
#[serde(with = "u128_dec_format")]
pub validator_reward: Balance,
#[serde(with = "u128_dec_format")]
pub balance_burnt: Balance,
pub outgoing_receipts_root: CryptoHash,
pub tx_root: CryptoHash,
pub validator_proposals: Vec<ValidatorStakeView>,
pub signature: Signature,
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